The revolutionary TDS Pump design, with improved capabilities for high viscous oil pumping, has up to 70% higher capacity than any other traditional Archimedian Screw Pump design when compared at equivalent rpm and screw diameter.

The "Twin Disc Screw" Pump has two circular Sealing Discs fitted to each side of the pump screw creating its positive displacement and required pressure when pumping.

Each disc operate in an alternating fashion and allows the pump screw diameter to be fully utilised during 2 x 180 of each revolution, thereby facilitating the large and unique displacement of the TDS Pumps.


  • Large Positive Displacement.
  • Large Exposed Pump Screw Area.
  • Small Outer Dimensions.
  • Fully Machine Made Pump Screw.
  • More FOILEX Pump Features.
  • Cutting Knives at Inlet and Outlet.
  • Replaceable Sealing Discs.
  • Exchangeble Discharge Connections.
  • Annular Injection Flanges.