FOILEX product range today consists of Skimmer and Pump Systems for capacities up to 140 m³/h covering all type of oil spills, from small harbour spills to large off-shore spills. All Foilex Products are from design to production made for Simple, Flexible and Reliable operation and can best be described in two main groups:

1 - Heavy Duty "Twin Disc Screw" TDS Skimmers and TDS Pumps for low, medium and high viscosity producs mixed with debris.
2 - Light weight and portable Suction Weir Skimmers for low to medium viscosity products.

- TDS Skimmer & Pump Systems
The Heavy Duty TDS Skimmers are hydraulically driven, powered by Foilex Hydraulic Powerpacks or available ships hydraulics via our "Remote Controls". Foilex also provides suitable Hose Packages for connection of the Skimmers and Powerpacks.

Area of operation for the TDS Skimmers are harbour, coastal and offshore oil spills. They can handle all type of spills from light diesel fuel to heavy crude oil. The Pump's strong cutting knives enables handling of most types of debris commonly found in oil spills.

FOILEX TDS Skimmers and Pumps are all based on the patented "Twin Disc Screw" Technology developed by Foilex resulting in up to 70% higher capacity than traditional screw pumps.

- Suction Weir Skimmer Systems
FOILEX Suction Weir Skimmers are free floating 3-pontoon Skimmers equiped with FOILEX originally invented self-adjusting skimming ring. The Skimmers are light weight, portable and without any onboard pump, and can be driven by any suitable external Suction Pump matching the Skimmer capacity.

Area of operation for the Suction Weir Skimmers is light to medium viscosity oils. Debris capability is dependent on the type of vacuum pump used but the skimmer is equipped with a rinsing net at the inlet side.