FOILEX TDS Pumps are all based on our patented "Twin Disc Screw" Technology developed by FOILEX resulting in up to 70% higher capacity than traditional Archimedian Screw Pumps. The unique TDS Pump Design will give you operational advantages in four different ways.
  • High Capacity when pumping low to medium viscosity oils at full speed, or..
  • Efficient Pumping of extreme high viscosity oils at low speed.
  • Small Outer Dimensions for emergency operations through narrow tank inlets.
  • Exchangable Discharge Size for minimum pipe resistans when pumping high viscosity oils.
  • All FOILEX TDS Skimmers are equiped with our onboard TDS Pumps with open exposed pump screw area for efficient handling of high viscous oil and oil/water emulsions.

    When used separate as independent Off-Loading Pump, the FOILEX TDS Pumps can be set up in three different configurations.

  • Free & Open for pumping high viscosity oils mixed with debris at low speed.
  • Suction Pipe for off-loading low to medium viscosity oils down to tank bottom.
  • Inline Pipe for booster pump applications in pipe/hose systems.

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    The TDS Pumps are hydraulically driven, powered by Foilex Hydraulic Powerpacks or available ships hydraulics. Foilex also provide suitable Hose Packages for connection of the Pumps and Powerpacks. Area of operation for the TDS Pumps are off-loading or transfer pumping of high viscous products such as crude oil, bunker oil and emulsions.
    They are all portable and easy to use but also suited for fixed installations in various types of oil combating vessels or skimmer systems.

    Heavy duty, submersible pump and high capacity pump, which fits into a 12 inch "Butterworth hatch".  TDS 150 Off-loading Pump
    Capacity: Cont. 0-35 m³/h (155 USgpm)
    Dim: 51x26x30 cm (20x10x12 in), Manhole Diameter 12"
    Weight: 35 kg (77 lbs)
    System description

    Heavy duty submersible pump, specially developed for off-loading or transfer pumping duties.  TDS 200 Off-loading Pump
    Capacity: Cont. 0-70 m³/h (310 USgpm)
    Dim: 68x31x42 cm (27x12x17 in), Manhole Diameter 17"
    Weight: 90 kg (200 lbs)
    System description

    Heavy duty submersible pump, specially developed for off-loading or transfer pumping duties. TDS 250 Off-loading Pump
    Capacity: Cont. 0-140 m³/h (620 USgpm)
    Dim: 74x36x55 cm (29x14x22 in), Manhole Diameter 22"
    Weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
    System description