The Company
FOILEX Engineering AB is a Swedish marine engineering company established in 1991. We design and manufacture our own Oil Spill Response Products for the international oil and off-shore market.

FOILEX TDS Skimmers and Pumps are all based on the patented "Twin Disc Screw" Technology developed by FOILEX resulting in up to 70% higher capacity than traditional screw pumps.

FOILEX products are sold and used world wide and we are represented in more than 40 countries with national agents and distributors.


World Wide References
BP ST1 Swedish Coast Guard Everwind Fuels French Navy
Indian Coast Guard Japan Coast Guard Kystverket Valero Energy United States Navy
Hellas Motor Oil MSRC Petrolium Association Japan PDVSA Pemex
Petrobras Preem Saudi Aramco Shell ST1
Swedish Coast Guard Total Total United States Navy Valero Energy