Here you will find interesting pictures of all FOILEX Products from various events all over the world.

Mini & Micro Skimmers
Foilex Mini Skimmer
Foilex Mini Well Skimmer
Foilex Micro Skimmer
TDS Skimmers
Foilex TDS Skimmers
Foilex TDS Crane Skimmers
TDS Pumps
Foilex TDS Skimmer Pumps
Foilex TDS Off-loading Pumps
Hydraulic Powerpacks
Foilex Diesel Powerpacks
Foilex Electric Powerpacks
Hose Packages
Foilex Hose Packages
Aux. Equipment
Foilex Remote Controls
Foilex Sweep Arm
Foilex Storage & Trans. Containers
Other Products
BLOMBERG High speed Circus
FASTANK Emergency Storage Tanks
SELWOOD Spate Pumps
TERRA Oil Booms & Absorbents