TDS Skimmer Systems
Click for large picture Foilex TDS Skimmers are patented high performance weir skimmers for harbour, coastal and offshore oil spills.

The skimmers handle all types of oil from light diesel fuel to heavy crude oil mixed with debris.

The heart of the FOILEX Skimmer System is the hydraulically driven onboard TDS Pump fitted in a 3-pontoon floating frame, along with the original flow controlled, self-adjusting skimming ring that has proven itself since 1991.

FOILEX TDS Skimmer System consists of the following main products:

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  • TDS Skimmer, incl.
    Pump and flotation frame.

  • Hydr. Powerpack incl.
    Skimmer control panel.

  • Hose Package incl.
    Reel with Hydraulic and Discharge hoses.

  • The heart of the TDS Skimmer is the hydraulically driven onboard TDS Skimmer Pump which is fitted in a 3-pontoon flotation frame with the original and since 1991 well proven flow controlled, self-adjusting skimming ring.

    The TDS Skimmer is powered and controlled by Foilex own range of diesel or electric driven Hydraulic Powerpacks via the hydraulic hoses.

    The Hose Package consists of hydraulic and discharge hoses stored on Foilex specially designed Hose Reels for easy transport and handling.

    Recovered oil is pumped from the Skimmer up to the available collecting tank through the discharge hose. The hoses are kept together and floating with inflatable floats.