MICRO Skimmer System, 15m3/h
FOILEX Micro Skimmer is free floating 3-pontoon Suction Weir Skimmers equiped with our originally invented self-adjusting skimming ring. The Micro Skimmers is light weight, portable and without any onboard pump, and can be driven by a suitable external Suction Pump matching the Micro Skimmer capacity.

Micro Skimmer System><P>

FOILEX Micro Skimmer System consists of the following main products:

  • FOILEX Micro Skimmer, free floating 3-pontoon Skimmer equiped with our self-adjusting inlet weir.
  • ELRO T300 Pump, self contained diesel, petrol or electric driven Pump Unit.
  • FOILEX Hose Package, diam. 2" spiral Suction Hose and diam. 2" flat Discharge Hose.
  • Recovered oil is transferd from the Skimmer Head up to the Suction Pump and further via the discharge hose to available collecting tank.

    The Micro Skimmer is equipped with a Foilex self-adjusting "skimmer ring" which controls the skimming depth by the pump suction flow. The "skimmer ring" lip will always stay parallel to the oil/water surface. Suitable oil layer thickness is 0-30 mm.

    Best performance for the Micro Skimmer is achieved in light to medium viscosity oils. The debris capability is dependent on the type of vacuum pump used but the skimmer is equipped with a rinsing net at the inlet side.